Card holder + Nantes City Cards

Choose the Buldingz you prefer and compose a unique illustration yourself!

This card holder displays 9 cards and a title that you can collect by purchasing “The Buldingz” card packs.

In an original and fun way, Doctor Paper offers you here to compose your own illustration by choosing the cards you prefer and arranging them in the locations you want!

According to your wishes, you can interchange your cards, mix several cities, remove them and put them back as you see fit without damaging the card holder by simply using the triangular tabs and holes provided to facilitate the placement and removal of each card !

The “Buldingz” card holder in a standard format, easy to frame: 30x40cm

You will easily find the setting you like! And if you don’t want to frame it, the grid is stiff enough to hold up against a wall. You can also hang it, a fastening system is provided for this purpose on the back of the grid.


Each city has its own identity, which can be found in the remarkable architecture of the buildings, in its symbols or in its gastronomy.

Small original buildings, revised and corrected by the trait of Doctor Paper who plays with references from different cities. Lots of little details and a lot of humor are hidden on each of these facades.

Other cities will be added to this series soon.

Deposited model.

Weight 385 g