Uni-ball is a benchmark brand in the felt world.

Technique, precision, innovation, are the terms that define it and these are all characteristics that I put forward in this illustration commissioned by the Japanese brand.

Known in particular for the Uni-pins that I have used for several years for all my drawings for their finesse in particular, which allows me to draw so meticulously with the 0.03 and 0.05.

In this city imagined for the occasion, there are endless details that I had fun incorporating, playing with different typographies, architectures and elements that make the history of the brand. Thus, for example, we find the original building of the brand in Tokyo.

Here, an oversized felt, rocket-style, is being mounted and assembled by a crane and inspected by a team of engineers before being put into service. This way, I modified the spire of a tall Empire State Building-like building to look like the recognizable uni-pine mine. On the facades of buildings or on the roofs of buildings, spread across the city, we find in the form of signs terms such as “Design”, “Precision” or even “Super-ink” and other words characteristic of the Brand.

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