Travel With Me

Passionate about the architectural discipline, Docteur Paper designs the city. Since his first travels, he has applied himself to transcribing on paper the major elements of the cities he discovers.


It was in 2009, after returning from a stay in Amsterdam, that the illustrator defined his way of representing the architecture of the place.

Through a complex work on perspectives and juxtapositions, he reveals the different architectures, places, restaurants, and details that will have marked his year spent in this city. The very first illustration of what would become the artist’s flagship series then saw the light of day.

He then continues his work and his reflections around the cities of Berlin and Barcelona which he has the opportunity to visit and then Nantes when he settles there.

What are the great architectural objects that surround us? What memories do we bring back from our travels? What forms the basis of the imagination of a city? So many questions that find an answer in the representations of the artist.


In 2012, this series of illustrations, a real invitation to travel, logically finds its name: Travel with me.

His drawings become the illustrated support for a travel memory. Sketched during the discovery of cities, the buildings are like a summary of the illustrator’s lived experience.

Beyond the work, it is a snapshot that is offered to us, a story that is told to us.

From the iconic skyscrapers of New York City to the geodesic dome of the Biosphere in Montreal, from the narrow streets of old Paris to the mesmerizing glass roof of the British Museum in London, from the calm of the banks of the Garonne in Bordeaux to the bustling life of the central Tokyo.

The Travel with me series is also an illustrated guide to architecture, where each building takes place in its context.

A work that voluntarily erases large spaces to give us a vision of the city that reminds us of how these heritages coexist and complement each other.

Exposition “Le Grand Tour” à Paris
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