Street Art : Nantes City

What fascinates me about street art, and what I particularly like working with, is the hijacking of the existing. Getting to play with street furniture or street elements on the walls and give them back a meaning or even an existence.

I had done a few before but this project with the Voyage à Nantes gave a different scope and visibility to these small achievements.

Indeed, I have fun hijacking street furniture by transforming them into miniature buildings. In painting or here in collage, I play with the shapes of these cabinets which, invisible, often degraded, are found in each of the streets of our cities.
For the 2017 edition of “Voyage à Nantes” (an artistic summer event and an organization promoting tourism through culture), around fifty urban elements scattered around the city that I came to customize, transforming each of them. them into a miniature building in black and white.

Vidéo réalisée par PARTICULE

To give meaning and detail to each building, I imagined them by inventing signs, names of shops, restaurants or even hotels inspired by recognizable places and street names in the neighborhood.

I roamed the streets of Nantes looking for relevant places, what I wanted was mostly to recreate small streets, so I needed several cabinets side by side to give that impression.

It’s actually a kind of black and white miniature city that has sprung up in the streets of Nantes.
So I called this work “Nantes City”, also reminiscent of my previous work.

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