Our imaginary city

Our imaginary city is a project that began at the very beginning of the first confinement in March 2020. Small reminder:

Notre Ville Imaginaire, CHU de Nantes

It is March 17, 2020 and the announcement of general confinement has just fallen. We find ourselves at home, having to stay alone or with others, with or without children, locked up for an uncertain period.

Much fear, but also real spontaneous outbursts of generosity, sharing and creativity.

I wonder then what I can bring to people in this very special situation, to make it a little less unpleasant, to lighten their daily life and give them a little escape.

I then got the idea of offering a manual, creative and fun activity on social networks to allow the time of a drawing to think of something else but also to participate in a collaborative artistic project to create a link, to stay together during this period of isolation.

Vidéo réalisée par Dagoba Films

I then set up a page dedicated to this project where we can download some examples of drawings of buildings to color. From these drawings, everyone can give free rein to their imagination and have fun drawing facades, inventing brand names … or of course sending me a drawing imagined from scratch.

I wanted to create together a giant imaginary city: Our Imaginary City!

You gave free rein to your imagination and your creativity by creating original, funny, invented, quirky or on the contrary ultra precise buildings. You have invented names of signs, brands or shops, cars, characters.

And from all your productions, I composed a giant city!

Today this project is born through an exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Nantes, a sale of posters whose profits are donated to the association Les Ptits Doudous Nantes, a catalog of the exhibition, a fresco on walls of the CHU de Nantes (permanent work located on the walls of the CHU at the corner of rue Gaston Veil and quai Moncousu).

Accrochage de l’exposition Notre ville Imaginaire au Muséum d’histoire Naturelle de Nantes
Exposition Notre ville Imaginaire au Muséum d’histoire Naturelle de Nantes

I wanted to thank all the participants, who together made it possible to create Our Imaginary City. Thank you for having responded with such enthusiasm to this project.

Thank you to all those who shared, relayed and disseminated the project and who allowed the participation of so many people and who allowed the participation of so many people from all over France and around the world.

Thank you to Arty Show for supporting me in putting together this whole exhibition, fresco and book project. Thank you to the Nantes University Hospital for having responded, that being on a wall at the CHU represents a lot for the meaning I wanted to give to this project which is also there to thank the entire health service. Thank you to the Natural History Museum for welcoming this project with great enthusiasm. And thank you to TOlefi Promotion for believing in Our Imaginary City.

Thank you all, it is thanks to all of you that Our Imaginary City exists.

Vidéo réalisée par Dagoba Films
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