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Grenoble Avant collaborates with the artist Docteur Paper to celebrate its 5 years of creation

Grenoble, October 27, 2020 – Launched at the end of 2015, Grenoble Avant celebrates this year the five years of existence of its digital rephotography exhibition on the Grenobloise agglomeration of the 1900s. On this occasion, Grenoble Avant has joined forces with the artist Docteur Paper in order to create a poster, showing the characteristics of Grenoble at “La Belle Époque”.

Grenoble Avant Docteur Paper VILLE

In this context, Jeremy Lafranceschina, creator of the Grenoble Avant project, goes back five years to the beginnings of the exhibition: “Nostalgic lover of my city, I started out of passion with the desire to share a formidable family collection of old postcards and I saw little by little an interest in my project growing “by specifying” we did not expect it to take so much importance, we quickly had a lot of media coverage and experienced a real craze on Facebook with more than 2,500 subscribers on our fan page ”.

Pour célébrer, ces cinq années d’existence, mais également remercier les amoureux du projet, Grenoble Avant a décidé de collaborer avec l’artiste Jérôme Baillet alias Docteur Paper connu pour ses illustrations détaillées, dans la réalisation d’une affiche originale, représentant Grenoble 1900.

Grenoble Avant Docteur Paper VILLE

Jérôme, also a lover of history and architecture, specifies “this project has better me from the start, it was a real challenge to try to bring this era back to life with these so special architectures, and it was up to both super interesting and fun to dive into all those old postcards to find all those little details that give this illustration both an authentic, historical and playful scope ”and adds that“ the creation of this detailed and very graphic, totally corresponded to my meticulous artistic approach, like a craftsman ”. Indeed, Doctor Paper is a true decorator of paper, who develops in each of his works a keen sense of detail, often pushing him to carry out his finishes under the lens of a magnifying glass. Also a perfectionist and always committed to safeguarding the historical Isèrois heritage, Jeremy wanted to “give a nod to iconic brands of the past, such as Chartreuse liqueurs, Galeries Lafayette, the Bonnat chocolate factory or even flagship buildings, such as the Halles Sainte-Claire, the Imprimerie Générale or the Hôtel de l’Europe, the oldest hotel in the capital of the Alps ”.

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