Collaboration with Courir

In 2019, the COURIR brand celebrated Paris by selecting 16 brands: Nike, Lacoste, Adidas or Bleu de Paname and Docteur Paper.
Giving rise to 8 exclusive collaborations on the theme of the city of Paris.

I have produced original representations of the city of Paris, highlighting places that are symbols of fashion, sport and the world of sneakers. Playing with the original and unique architectures of the City of Fashion and Design for example or the Center Pompidou.

Mythical places of sport, such as the basketball courts located under the overhead metro viaduct at Stalingrad station or even République and Bastille, which are essential places for skaters.

This is a range of 4 t-shirts that we have released for the occasion, available in limited series in all cours de France.

T-Shirt Paname Paris Docteur Paper Courir Illustration

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