Brutalism is an architectural movement that has fascinated me for several years and that I have always tried to work with. I did a lot of testing in black and white mainly without ever being convinced or satisfied with the result. I was missing something, but I didn’t know what yet.

Eminently graphic, this style is mainly based on the repetition of architectural elements with geometric shapes and the use of raw concrete which gives this very cold and austere air to the building. Simply fascinating although often considered ugly …


For this series that I simply call “BRUT”, I play with brutalist buildings from all over the world, studying their peculiarities, the repeated elements, this game of balance and geometric shapes so specific.

And I finally find what is blocking me to move forward. I decide to draw and paint using neon and pop colors like pink, blue or yellow.
In this way, I confront these two fascinating, considerably opposed styles of brutalism and pop-art.


These works are a combination of two trends that have fascinated me deeply since I discovered them. A freer line that I draw by hand on the canvas, without the rule that accompanies me on many of my other creations. Most importantly, I use the color which I was starting to miss considerably.

Painted on large canvases (at least 70x100cm), we find for example the Nakagin Capsule Tower, built in 1972 in Tokyo in the metabolist and brutalist style with 140 boxes of 10m² intended for housing.

I also represented the Genex Tower in Belgrade, built in 1977, a perfect example of brutalism with its very recognizable lines and gray concrete throughout.

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