For a few years now I have been developing a different style and doing graphic research with a freer, more instinctive line.


In complete opposition to my creations in the “Travel with me” style for which I do several searches for compositions, several sketches, then I draw in ink, very carefully, with a ruler, etc. I felt the need to go for the abstract of the graphic, the simple form and also a little color for that matter.
While still questioning the urban landscape which definitely fascinates me even more than I thought, I play with architectural and urban codes, with accumulation and dimensions, while keeping this false perspective and this characteristic style that defines my working for over 10 years now.

Vidéo réalisée par Dagoba Films

Simplify the shape as much as possible, and work it more graphically. I established a graphic code: black facade, white roof, diagonals and striped overlays. And with this simple base I can play with any shape I want.
And I let myself be guided by my stroke, by the shapes of the buildings in order to interlock them like a Tetris with each other. Gradually creating a city with its streets, its districts …
This is how “the Blocks” were born. A term that refers to the simple and massive shape but also to the “Block” in English which means district, and in particular city districts, very dense with simple and massive architectures which precisely inspired my first research.

I had the opportunity to make several frescoes, notably for L’ANRU during JERU 2021 in Paris on a large canvas which will remain in their premises, or even at “les Nantais”, a new place in Saint Herblain where I produced in live a fresco 6.50 meters long.
Unique pieces, on canvas, on paper or even on a skateboard will be available on the shop as and when they are created.

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