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Artist / Illustrator


I have always been fascinated by the city

I love discovering a city, simply by strolling through unfamiliar streets, without necessarily having a defined destination. Just observing, looking for architectural details, trying to locate the original elements that make it up and that make it unique. I find it fascinating how architecture, history and town planning give a unique combination and an inseparable soul to a city.

My passion for architecture is the basis of my work

I draw my travels, my discoveries, my journey in the cities that I have the chance to explore. I draw in the street, filling my sketchbooks with all those many details that I don’t want to forget.

I want to play with architecture and its symbols

The representation of “the city” in the general sense of the term has gradually become the central subject of my work. I want to put it down on paper, to play with architecture and its symbols, with the density of a megalopolis, excess or color. I illustrate it with many details inspired by my travels, as in my series “Travel with Me” which I draw in meticulous ink, or in a more abstract and graphic way as in my series “Blocks. “, For which I let myself be guided by the shapes of the buildings fitting into each other and thus creating a labyrinth of streets that appears as the work evolves.

The shop

The shop offers a wide choice of posters signed and printed on art paper around architecture and travel. Find The Series, Travel With Me, Blocs or The Buldingz, as well as limited editions and artistic collaborations.

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